Wholesale Procurement

The Program

Wholesale Procurement

We are bringing farm fresh products to Georgia businesses looking to bolster the food they buy with hyper-local, ultra-fresh options. We are partnering with farmers across the state to supply some of Georgia's most delicious locally-grown goods during the peak of harvest. We buy premium, B grade, and potentially wasted food from Georgia farmers for a fair, "farmer-first" price. Retaaza Wholesale is a great way to augment the produce you buy with fresh, local, equitable purchases.

Fresh & Flexible

We have designed a custom supply chain system that delivers hyper-local food to you directly from farms, so the food you buy from us is as fresh as possible. We are able to support clients of all sizes with flexible logistics capabilities from around the state of Georgia. We partner with and have access to a diverse array of farms with a variety of products, backgrounds, certifications, and sizes - ranging across big, small, organic, cooperative, and more. Whatever your needs and specifications are, we have a customized solution.

Tailored Services

Local Sourcing

Work directly with our value chain team so that we can tailor our sourcing to your order and your specific needs. You will gain around the clock access to our availability of the freshest seasonal produce and also local food rescue opportunities from across the state.  


Program Benefits

  • Consult o
  • You can supplement or customize your plan as desired.We provide a marketing toolkit to help you effectively message your impact both internally and externally.
  • Your SQend has 3x the QOwer. You are creating a positive, healthy experience for your stakeholders, impacting your CSR goals by supporting farmers and those who are food insecure, and making progress towards your sustainability goals by preventing landfill waste and reducing food miles.
  • For Retaaza, making this annual commitment enables us to work more closely with our farm partners onresource planning to better inform planting and harvesting decisions and reduce wasted food.

Program Benefits

Baseline Assesment

Review and discuss needs, goals, and general operations. This is initial consultation gives us more of an understanding of your organization and allows us to tailor a plan specifically for you.

Menu Consultation

Analyze previous and existing menus to determine what items can reflect seasonal and local ingredients.

Recipe Development

Develop and test new recipes that reflect seasonal and local ingredients.

Local Food Sourcing

Find and connect with farms, vendors, and distributors who provide local and seasonal ingredients and products.

Staff Training

Provide training for staff on ordering, storage, preparation, and packing of fresh foods, preservation of frozen foods, and utilization of these foods in production.

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