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Fresh, local food is hard to find - and expensive. Farmers are sometimes forced to make the difficult decision to throw out or plow up a crop rather than harvest it when the market is volatile. And, 1 in 7 Georgians experiences food insecurity, including 1 in 5 children.

We are a social enterprise that strives to make local food more accessible and affordable, directly supports our communities’ farmers, reconnects consumers to their food and their planet, and feeds families and individuals struggling with food insecurity. We are tackling the huge wasted food issue and its implications and impact on the environment while also tackling economic development in rural and local communities as well as hunger through a differently-focused business model.

What is “Retaaza?”


Re: Again (English) + Taaza: Fresh (Hindi)

We're refreshing the food supply chain by focusing on hyper-local connectivity. By rethinking food waste, food insecurity, and the lack of reliable, affordable, and easily accessible local produce, we're strengthening Georgia communities.


Why We Need Retaaza

The idea, "refresh," is core to the identity and mission of our company. Our goal is to inclusively refresh the local food supply chain at every stage and with each stakeholder within the food system.

We are connectors - sitting at the center of a hub and spoke model - where we connect those doing hard and amazing work to the resources they need most - whether it be funds, clients, education, marketing support, or food.

Our Services

Our goal is to ensure all farmers are being paid fairly for all the food they grow, that no food is being wasted, and that all Georgians can eat a healthy meal.

The work we do supports the economic sustainability of local farm families across Georgia, protects our land and planet, and positively impacts the health of current and future generations of Georgians.

Kashi Sehgal
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