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Meet Retaaza

We're On a Mission

We are a B Corp and social enterprise that strives to make local food more accessible and affordable, directly supports our communities’ farmers, reconnects consumers to their food, and feeds families struggling with food insecurities.

We Believe In Community Helping Community

We have created a holistic, hyper local food system that ensures all stakeholders are treated fairly and with dignity. We bring food security, economic stability, and ease of access to fresh local produce to urban and rural communities, securing a healthier, more sustainable, and equitable future for diverse stakeholders across Georgia.

We are creating a dynamic new food system to make local food more affordable and accessible.

We bring increased economic stability to farmers.
We reduce food waste and its negative social and environmental impacts.
We feed families and individuals struggling with food insecurity in our communities with fresh, healthy foods.
We support our community partners working to fight food insecurity by enabling their resources to go further.
Our Results

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We have helped over 200 vulnerable communities worldwide

The goal and mission behind

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How our charity got started

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Join us and let’s make a better world, today

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Amara Onai
Citizen of South Africa

See how we are making a difference

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