Feasting on February's Harvest: In Season Options To Reach For

February 7, 2024
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Georgia’s winter bounty continues to thrive, offering an enjoyable array of produce that delivers on freshness and celebrating the season. Whether you are reaching for snap peas, radicchio, spinach, carrots, kale, mustard greens, shallots, or endives - February offers a cornucopia of in-season goodness.

#EatLocal and fall in love with the offerings of February with this delightful Snap Pea and Greens Salad with Sesame Shallot Vinaigrette.

This dish captures the best of February's harvest by combining diverse, locally sourced ingredients. The crispness of snap peas, the bold flavor of radicchio, the leafy goodness of spinach, and the earthiness of shallots all come together in a salad that's both refreshing and delicious.

This month, opt for locally sourced, in-season produce while you shop, and both your palate and our local farmers will thank you! Keep it simple, keep it local. 

Tag @Retaaza and use the hashtags #GeorgiaGrown, #SupportLocal, and #FebruaryHarvest to share your in-season creations and inspire others to join the #EatLocal movement.

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