Lifetime Achievement Honorees & Finalists Announced for the 2023 Atlanta Startup Awards

August 31, 2023
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Lifetime Achievement Honorees & Finalists Announced for the 2023 Atlanta Startup Awards  
The signature Startup Atlanta event is happening October 5, 2023.

ATLANTA, GA – AUGUST 31, 2023 – Startup Atlanta, a community non-profit focused on connecting and  growing the local startup ecosystem, announced today its 2023 Lifetime Achievement Honorees and Awards Finalists. These outstanding individuals and companies will be officially recognized at the Atlanta Startup Awards on Thursday, October 5th, 2023 at Lee + White’s Monday Night Garage in the historic West End of Atlanta.

Jay Bailey, President and CEO of the Russell Innovation Center for Entrepreneurs, Bill Connors, President of Xfinity for Comcast Cable and Visionary of Comcast NBCUniversal The Farm, and David Cummings, Founder and CEO of Atlanta Ventures and Founder of Atlanta Tech Village, will be presented with Startup Atlanta’s highest honor, the Lifetime Achievement Award.

“Startup Atlanta is honored to recognize Jay Bailey, Bill Connors, and David Cummings,” said Evan Jarecki, Co-Founder of Gimme and Board Chair at Startup Atlanta. “Their unique successes and contributions highlight Atlanta’s collaborative approach to its local startup ecosystem, drawing on the support of entrepreneurs, investors, ecosystem builders, and corporations.”

With the support of an external panel of judges, Startup Atlanta is equally excited to announce its 2023 Atlanta Startup Awards Finalists. These finalists represent nine different award categories, with the addition of “Best Female-Founded Startup” this year. Winners will be announced at the October 5th ceremony (finalists are listed alphabetically below).

Art of the Pivot
Metric Mate
YANY Beauty

Best B2B Startup
Ask Me Your MD, Inc.
Art Pharmacy
Carpool Logistics

Best B2C Startup
Any Distance
Roots Investment Community

Best Female-Founded Startup
My Panda

Best Growth Stage Startup
Grayscale Labs, Inc.
SemiCab, Inc
The Labz.

Best Social Impact Startup
Ambitious Labs
Healthcare Equity Solutions

Community Builder
Justin McLeod
Raioni Madison
Rohit Malhotra

Equity Champion
Aarti Sahgal
Kristin Slink
Recha Reid

Scrappiest Startup
Esco Eats
Vaila Shoes
WORKOPTI by Content Economy Co.

  “This year’s selection process was extremely competitive,” said Board Member and Awards Chair, Lexie Newhouse. “The achievements of these finalists perfectly embody our event theme, “ATL Onward,” marking their continued resilience and growth following the pandemic and year of economic uncertainties.”

The Atlanta Startup Awards would not be possible without the generous support of Presenting Sponsors Invest Atlanta and Dell Technology and Welcome Sponsor Lee+White. For more information on available sponsorship opportunities, contact Startup Atlanta at

Early bird ticket and table pricing for the Atlanta Startup Awards is available until Friday, September 8th and can be purchased online at

Visit for the latest Atlanta Startup Awards updates.

Press release available at:

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