July: What's In Season!

July 1, 2024
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As summer heats up, so does the variety of locally grown produce available in season here in Georgia. With holiday celebrations, backyard barbecues, and pool days filling our calendars, it’s the perfect time to embrace mindfulness when shopping at grocery stores and farmers markets.

Food Miles - the distance food travels from its origin to the consumer - are crucial for understanding the environmental impact of our food choices. Opting for in-season produce can significantly reduce the carbon footprint of your meals. For instance, buying locally grown fruits and vegetables that are in season can cut down on transportation emissions by up to 5,000 miles annually per household!

To make your summer both delicious and sustainable, try this Southern Summer Frittata. It’s perfect for preparing ahead on busy mornings, featuring fresh Vidalia onions, corn, tomatoes, and okra - all bursting with local flavor.

Embrace the flavors of summer and support local farmers by choosing seasonal ingredients. Whether you're planning a festive gathering or preparing a quick weekday meal, incorporating in-season produce brings the best of both worlds: flavor and sustainability.

Keep it simple, keep it local, and savor the taste of summer this season.

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What’s a Rich Text element?

What’s a Rich Text element?
What’s a Rich Text element?

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