Growing Change: Atlanta Harvest's Urban Farming Journey

January 26, 2024
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In the heart of Atlanta, Atlanta Harvest stands as a testament to the power of urban farming and wellness. Established in 2013, this dynamic farm and wellness center has become more than just a source of fresh produce; it's a beacon of positive change for the food system serving its neighbors' tables. 

Atlanta Harvest's mission is rooted in the commitment to producing naturally-grown food hand-in-hand with the urban landscape. Led by farmers, EliYahu Ben Asa, Shlomiel Ben, and Raphaela Ysrael, Atlanta Harvest envisions a thriving Atlanta where dignified work opportunities abound, and access to locally grown, farm-fresh food is a reality for all. In a city grappling with food insecurity, the farm takes a stand, offering fresh, healthy options to communities where choices are often limited.

Farm Leaders

Key members of Atlanta’s Harvest’s farm team include EliYahu Ben Asa and Raphaela Ysrael. EliYahu Ben Asa, a farmer, photographer, and media enthusiast originally from New York City, embraced farming at age 13 when his family moved to Georgia. As the owner and operator of Atlanta Harvest, his background in photography and videography has largely contributed to the farm's success and growth. Raphaela Ysrael, a plant-based nutrition advocate, saw a disconnect between different sectors of the population and access to quality plant-based foods while working as a registered dietician. At Atlanta Harvest, she has been successful in writing proposals about the project plans to feed Atlanta which brought the attention of organizations with similar goals and passions.

Sustainable Farming Practices

Atlanta Harvest's team is on a mission to transform their property into an ecologically vibrant farm, employing sustainable practices such as organic pest management, water quality protection, rotational grazing, and promoting species diversity. This holistic approach reflects their dedication to environmental stewardship.

Addressing Food Insecurity Head-On

Driven by the commitment to increase access to naturally grown foods, Atlanta Harvest focuses on selling their produce primarily to food-insecure communities in Atlanta. Their innovative food hub ensures that the fruits of their labor reach those who need it most.

Dignifying Work Opportunities

By increasing access to locally grown, farm fresh food, Atlanta Harvest aims to offer dignified work opportunities. The farm serves as a platform for personal and professional growth, encouraging employees to pursue their passions. Atlanta Harvest not only cultivates fresh produce but also nurtures a sense of dignity and purpose within the workforce, contributing to a vibrant and empowered Atlanta.

Sowing Seeds of Change

Atlanta Harvest is not just a farm; it's a movement. A movement driven by a deep love for Atlanta, a passion for sustainable farming, and a commitment to creating positive change. Through their tireless efforts, Atlanta Harvest is sowing the seeds of a healthier, more vibrant city for all its residents. As the farm continues to grow, so does its impact on the urban landscape, cultivating change one crop at a time.

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